Volunteer Opportunities

From time to time members of the church ask if there is any ways they can help, in terms of volunteering their time to the church. The best ways that members can serve the church is by being present at gatherings of the church to encourage other members in their faith, when possible. Another very important way to volunteer time for the good of the church is prayer. Pray for the church. The thing our church needs more than anything else is God, and this should cause us to pray.

Beyond being with the church and praying for the church there are always other needs. Below is a list of current volunteer opportunities. If you are willing and able to serve in one of these ways, please contact pastor Jeff in the church office.

Children's Ministry

  • We are always looking for Children's Ministry Workers who desire to come alongside parents in teaching God's Word to the little ones among us. (background check and training required)

Computer Projects

  • Sell items on eBay (mainly vintage sound equipment). (prior knowledge of eBay is a plus)
  • Start a podcast subscription for sermons that is compatible with our church website. (knowledge of web podcasting needed)
  • Arrange and catalog pastor's books with Zotero. (basic computer skills needed, no prior knowledge of Zotero is necessary)


  • Taking stuff to Goodwill and/or dump. (truck needed)


  • Update and organize the missions bulletin board with newer newsletters from our missionaries.


  • Take pictures of various meetings and services for website.


  • Visit home bound members of the church and deliver to them service folders and cd's from missed worship services.


  • Write simplified children's ministry stories for 2-4 year olds from "The Gospel Story Bible." (writing skills needed)