Sunday Gatherings

As Christians, whether we eat, drink, work, or play, our whole life is set apart for God because our whole life was purchased by Christ on Calvary. In this way every day is consecrated to God. Without bringing contradiction to this reality, Christians have always set apart one day a week to especially invest in the life of their local church and worship God together. From the earliest days of the New Testament Church, Christians have made a practice of meeting on Sunday because it is the day that Jesus rose from the dead. We have also chosen to make Sunday a significant day in the life of our church by meeting for corporate worship in the morning and a time of prayer in the evening.

10:30am Sunday Morning All Church Worship Service

The centerpiece of our life together as a church is our weekly Sunday All Church Worship Gathering at 10:30am. During this gathering we pray together, we confess our faith together, we sing praises to God together, we read Scripture together, and we sit under the preaching of God's Word.

For children under fourth grade age-targeted children's ministry is available during the sermon.

For more information on the order of our Sunday Morning Corporate Worship Service, you can view the service folder for the upcoming Sunday Morning Corporate Worship Service.

6:30pm Sunday Evening Prayer Service

We encourage the whole congregation to come back and gather again to gather for a short time on Sunday evenings. While we usually sing one or two songs in praise to God and celebrate his Word in a 15 minute sermon, the heart of the evening service consists of going to God together by making our requests known to him in prayer. We petition God together that he would continue to work in and through our church for the glory of Christ and the evangelization of our neighborhood and world.