Application & Discussion Questions for Sunday's Sermon (6.18.2017)

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  1. Read Matthew 22:1-14. What is the main point of this passage of Scripture?
  2. How does this passage show the radical inclusivity and exclusivity of the gospel?
  3. Do you tend to see the gospel more in terms of inclusivity or exclusivity? Why? Where does this passage adjust your thinking about God and the gospel?
  4. When you read this parable, do you primarily see a harsh God of judgment, or a God of long-suffering patience that desires all people to join him at the feast? Explain.
  5. Jeff said, “Anytime we fail to issue the gospel invitation to someone because they fail to meet a criteria (i.e. we don’t think they will accept the invitation, they are too good, they are too bad, they don’t have enough understanding, etc.), we are being unbiblically exclusive.” What unbiblical criteria do you have for someone to receive a gospel invitation from you? 
  6. Jeff said, “Anytime we present the gospel in such a way that doesn’t insist on the necessary fruit of repentance and faith unto good works for salvation, we are being unbiblically inclusive.” Have you been guilty of this? Explain.
  7. How is God calling you to respond to the message of Matthew 22:1-14?