While Sunday church gatherings are the best way for us to meet all together each week for worship, the life of our church isn't restricted to Sundays. In addition to gathering on Sundays we are nurturing a culture of informal and organic gatherings throughout the week. We seek one another out for encouragement over coffee or lunch, we visit in each others homes for dinner, and we often have small lunch gatherings in homes after the Sunday Corporate Worship Service to build each other up in love.

As you get involved in the life of Sellwood Baptist Church, we want to encourage you to invite people into your home and seek fellowship from others in the church throughout the week. We expect the members of our church to be pursuing relationships with one another that extend beyond our Sunday all-church gatherings.

Midweek Open Home Fellowships

As an expression of our desire to be present with one another throughout the week there are a few families in the congregation that open up their homes on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday nights for discussion about the Sunday sermon, fellowship and prayer. Please call the church office to find out more about these Open Home Fellowships.