Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of Sellwood Baptist Church is not like becoming a member of health club, it is more like being adopted into a family. The members of Sellwood Baptist Church are committed to caring for one another, to helping each other grow in Christ, to holding one another accountable to their profession of faith, and to working together to make disciples of Jesus in the Sellwood-Moreland community and beyond. We believe that every Christian should be a member of a local church, and we would love for you to consider joining with us.


Step One: Membership Class

The first step of the process for becoming a member is to attend a 4 hour Saturday membership class where our pastor tells the history of Sellwood Baptist Church, teaches through our Statement of Faith and Membership Covenant, and then makes time for any of the participants to ask any question about the life and theology of our church. Contact Adam Triplett ( to find out about our next Membership Class.


Step Two: Membership Interview

The second step of the process involves meeting with the pastor and an elder for an interview. During this meeting the interviewee will be asked to tell their story of life and faith and to explain their understanding of the core message of Christianity. At this time a prospective member also has the opportunity to ask the pastor any questions he/she has about the church. 


Step Three: Congregational Affirmation

At a members meeting, based on the recommendation of the Elders, the congregation will vote to receive a prospective member into fellowship. The Elders will recommend a candidate for membership based on their perception that the candidate...

(1) understands and affirms the gospel.

(2) lives a life that accords with the gospel.

(3) has been baptized upon a profession of faith (or will be baptized prior to being received into membership).

(4) affirms the Statement of Faith and Church Covenant. 


Step Four: Covenant Commitment

At the next Sunday Corporate Worship Gathering following the Quarterly Members Meeting the new member will publicly affirm the Statement of Faith and Church Covenant and then be welcomed into the family.